Romerska Republiken, Markus Antonius - Legionärdenar ca 32-31 f.Kr

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Romerska Republiken, Markus Antonius - Legionärdenar ca 32-31 f.Kr
Myntet är en veritabel tidsmaskin som tar oss tillbaks till en av historiens mest omskrivan tidsperioder. Inbördeskriget i Rom mellan Markus Antonius och Oktavianus avslutas med självmorden på Cleoptra och Markus Antonius i Egypten. (TV-serien "ROME" rekommenderas varmt) På åtsidan avbildas ett romerskt krigsskepp - en galär med omskriften "ANT•AVG III•VIR•R•P•C". Frånsidan avbildar den romerska legionsörnen omgiven av standarer och legionen till vilket myntet präglats och utdelats som lön LEG III". Några mindre sk "bankers marks" testmärken. Kvalitet ca 1+

Marc Antony Legionary AR Denarius. Military mint moving with Antony, autumn 32 - spring 31 BC. ANT•AVG III•VIR•R•P•C, praetorian galley to right / Aquila between two signa; LEG III across fields. Crawford 544/15 

Text and images on coin
Seeking to associate himself with Julius Caesar, who had held the augurate, Antony too identified himself as augur; so one reads ANT AVG (abbreviating Antonius augurus); III VIR R P C abbreviates Triumvir rei publicae constituendae ("One of Three Men for the Restoration of the Republic"), which was adopted in 43 BC by Mark Antony, Octavian, and Lepidus when they formed the Second Triumvirate.

Military coinage of highest historical importance
These very typical legionary denarii was issued before the Battle of Actium in 32 BC and likely minted at Antony's winter headquarters in Patrae (Greece). It is so-named because of its advertisement of large military units, called legions. His silver denarii bear the name of one of his 23 regular legions or two specialized units (the praetorian cohorts and the cohort of speculatores).

To hold one of the most recognizable of all ancient coins in your hand and think about the historical megaclash to go down shortely, really makes this coin a "must have" for every collector. The iconic design is probably familiar far outside the ring of collectors of ancient coins.The silver denarii was specifically marked with the legions name (Leg I - Leg XXIII) and was used by Mark Antony to pay his legions and fleet.