USA - Civil War Memorial medal 1861-1865-1902 - TO INDIANAS SILENT VICTORS

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USA - Civil War Memorial medal 1861-1865-1902
The medal is the war monument from Indiana, Indianapolis, in miniature and on its obverse is the monument depicted with the legend "TO INDIANAS SILENT VICTORS"

On the reverse the Goddess of Victory itselfis depictedstanding on a globe with three stars, on the base of the globe the name of the state: INDIANA" is inscribed. The Goddess of Victory holds a torch in one hand and a sword in the other. On the monument itself, the Goddess of Victory stands at the top.And in the legend: LOYALTY FREEDOM CIVILIZATION

Bronzed lead, 185.66g, 68mm, EF, a few small nicks

Unfortunately, I have not found any information about the background or purpose of the medal itself and it is unlikely that it would have been awarded to war veterans almost 50 years after the end of the war. It is most likely that it was struck and sold to tourists and or given as a token of appreciation to individuals who made economic contributions to the construction of the statue. Regardless of the purpose for which the medal was once issued, it is a reminder of America's long and bloody history, a history that everyone hopes will never be repeated again.